Spiritual Love Poems Book

New Spiritual Love Poems & Paintings book – True Love –
by Pete Caswell.

spiritual love poems book - true love

spiritual love poems book – true love

This is a beautiful book with a wonderful feel and flow throughout. If you don’t fall in love with the poems you are sure to be mesmerized by the continuos flow of uplifting and energising paintings which adorn every page.

The book explores the spiritual links between the infinite ocean and the depths of the soul, our infinite lover. Hidden meanings riddles and sweet poems elude to the meaning of our inner lives helping to soothe our path in the outer world to bring peace, harmony and inner bliss.

Check out Pete Caswell’s new book Spiritual Love Poems & Paintings – True Love. This Spiritual Love Poetry book follows on from the popular Mindcracker book. It’s a fabulous book of 82 pages 8 x 10 inches packed with spiritual love poems and beautiful energetic paintings. The poems follow the inner romance between the lover and the beloved, and the trials and tribulations along the road to inner discovery.

Antigua Sailing Painting

Antigua Sailing Painting

The paintings are from Pete’s recent series of Flowers and Ocean and these lead into the spiritual paintings from India and finally you get to see for the first time the new Energy Series Paintings for the first time in book form.

If you are a great fan of Rumi or Tao te ching and Lao Tzu then you will love this latest book. A gift from the inner realms translated onto the physical format of paper into our physical being and adorned and uplifted by some truly stunning paintings.

Ski Painting Tignes

Ski Painting Tignes

“Spiritual Love Poems & Paintings are the ideal messenger for the heart, the vehicle to carry true love past the guard of our own minds. Deep riddles, rhythm, hidden meanings and powerful paintings all help to disarm the protective mind to allow true love into the depth of our heart.”

Golden Yellow Sunset Painting

Golden Yellow Sunset Painting

If you are a lover of the Spiritual Path, its mysteries & Intrigues, sensations and hidden corners. If you long to travel into the  depths of the spiritual world. If you have felt the inner glow of the sweet nectar of the inner connection. If you have traveled to India and been caught by its mystery and intrigue, shaken by the
outer chaos but drawn back by its spiritual allure.  Longing for the surety of spiritual sanctuary or curious of the steps  that lie beyond our minds. Wonder at the true depth of the world, its hidden meaning, power of creation and destruction.

Painting in North Devon

Painting in North Devon

Then this book is yours. Packed with 61 spiritual love poems and riddles to draw insight into the spiritual through love. To diverge around the mind and help you connect with your inner soul, to find greater meaning, love  and peace in life.
Every page is scented with one of Pete Caswell’s infamous paintings. Colourful bright and vibrant, capturing the fun and magic of colour on the canvas to uplift the spirit. The book is adorned  with the most popular paintings from Pete’s collections including The Ocean, Fields of Flowers, India and for the first time his newest and brightest Energy Paintings series.

Sunflowers Painting

Sunflowers Painting

If you aren’t in the slightest spiritual it makes no odds. This is  a beautiful book to adorn any coffee table in any country around the globe. Buy it Love it and soak it up.

Spiritual pilgrimage in India Painting. Disembarking from train.

Spiritual pilgrimage in India Painting.

Spiritual Love Poem – Cloud Chuffs by

Today a new day

but it is just the same

a new dawn

light flows softly

to my soul

underneath untrammelled

made up ground

over head blue sky swoops

soft white clouds chuff by

inside the sun rises

warm and gentle

pink glows to turquoise

softness sits on my heart

soothes aches of past gone

in the distance I can see now

as the development recedes

untouched sand dunes

virgin waves

turquoise at the edge

to hazy blue far away

clutter falls away

clarity comes in

washing all away

Spiritual Garden in India

Spiritual Garden in India

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